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Upon acquisition in 2016, ZapLabs needed to attract high-caliber talent amongst a competitive job market within the tech industry in order to service the company’s growth and scaling efforts.

In 2017, we shipped the redesign of ZapLab’s website in order to drive recruitment numbers and increase overall brand image and perception.

Acting as principal designer and key driver, I collaborated in a cross-functional team consisting of leadership stakeholders, human resources business parters, content strategists, development and quality assurance team, to manage scope, deliver designs from initial concept and planning to end product, and debug.

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Situation Analysis

Current Challenges:

  1. Low visibility and awkward positioning of product superlatives

  2. Confusion about the purpose of the site and the nature of the business

  3. Poor user experience for understanding technology offerings and solutions

  4. Brand essence and personality is lost, clouded by stock imagery; Poor brand presence equating to poor perception of company

  5. Low interest from applicants due to aforementioned reasons above


  1. Attract and recruit new talent; top-funner sourcing

  2. Strengthen and validate product value proposition

  3. Build corporate brand awareness and enhance brand perception

ZapLabs Target Profile.png

Bringing a brand to life

We sought to deliver an experience that not only clearly communicated the business and product offerings, but also captured ZapLabs’ personality—possessing the heart of a startup, with the backing of a corporate giant, all the while in the forefront of real estate tech.

The result is a sleek new look that included updated visuals, photography, colors and illustrations, clearer messaging, along with shiny animations and micro-interactions that would delight prospective candidates, existing talent, as well as our Realogy and brand affiliates.


Side-by-side comparison



ZapLabs saw a considerable amount of growth, enrollment, traffic increase, and passed hiring expectations for the year.

Recruiting Highlights

79 New Hires in 2018

In the month of October 2018 alone, the company saw

27 Candidates Hosted Onsite

103 Face-to-Face interviews

35 Video or Phone Screens

38 Employees Engaged (Non0HR)


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