Zap Business Products

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Initial Concept

At its early stages, I was tasked with conceptualizing the Zap Native App. Tasked with adopting the desktop to iOS native, this exploration eventually informed the initial release for our app.

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Redesigning dashboard with focus and efficiency

Agents on the go didn’t need all the features available on desktop. In fact, agents reporting “not easy to use” was the biggest factor in a low NPS score, with dashboard, compliance, and follow ups reported as the most common support ticket issues.

From the data and research findings, the team shifted to focus on the immediate day-to-day tasks agents needed to accomplish while on the go (tasks, calls, emails, texts, notes).

Detailed jobs - High Priority Tasks

Go to appointments

  • See schedule of appointments

Get in touch with new leads

  • Call

  • Text

  • Email

  • Send listings

  • View history/previous communications

Get in touch with existing customers

  • Call

  • Text

  • Email

  • Send listings

  • View history/previous communications

  • Birthdays/Anniversaries

  • Find biggest opportunities

Transaction tasks

  • Get documents signed

  • Schedule stuff: inspections, appraisal, escrow signing

  • Make sure everyone has what they need


increase activity from new dashboard (dashboard exists)

  1. % change for calls, emails , touch point notes.

  2. opt out of new dashboard

  3. NPS comments and overall NPS score

By scaling back and redesigning the Zap dashboard to focus on immediate tasks needing completion, the goal is to improve key tasks that agents perform everyday by 20%, as well as improve user satisfaction and ease of use.


Early Explorations


Which do agents prefer?

84% prefer new dashboard (3871 users, measured via intercom) 

NPS Scores went up by 11.5 points

Significant increase in new actions/page views (139%)