Select Wine + Liquor

From 2014-2016, I created brands and packaging for the wine and spirits industry, along with fine foods and luxury goods. Assets span primary and secondary packs, identity, displays, print and digital assets, marketing, point-of-sale assets and displays, while providing art direction for photography and illustration assets. For some of these, I mocked them myself in photoshop and illustrator, and even did some of the illustrations myself.


Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is defined by three things: Savoir Faire, Charisma, Audacity. In 2016, I worked on a campaign for Grey Goose’s summer line. To get the audience to interact with the packaging, we came up with the idea of an LED letterboard sign with removable letters for customized messaging—proposed for nightclub and party/social environments. Designed at Stranger & Stranger.


Sephora February Lip Campaign

Develop and execute marketing campaign as well as in-store collateral with team for the February unNudes lip campaign


Don Papa Rum Display

Enter Sugarlandia, found deep within the shadowed foothills of Mount Kanlaon, Philippines. Here the spirit of Don Papa (Papa Isio) lives on. Through this display, we transport you to a magical place, where tarsiers, bearcats, carabaos, geckos, and monkeys reign. Designed at Stranger and Stranger. Created using photoshop and illustrator.


Miscellaneous Consumer Goods