Bungalow, a game changer in the residential real estate space, provides renters with convenient, flexible, and communal living solutions. This community centered home-finding service offers furnished, move-in ready homes, while also connecting renters to the larger community they can be a part of and thrive in.

The Challenge:

Despite its messaging, as an early start-up that is growing, Bungalow is still working to continue building its advertised features. Currently, Bungalow’s mobile app does not support a community feature. Bungalow needed a feature that enables people to meaningfully connect offline with each other.

The feature needed to

  • Connect Bungalow’s 2000+ members with each other

  • Help users discover events within the neighborhood

  • Expand user social circles through sponsored monthly events where they can meet other transplants and locals

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 3.55.13 PM.png

Design Approach

After reading the initial brief and completing background research on the company and its mission, I sought out potential users and personas to gather insight on their motivators, pain points, and needs. People wanted a way to connect with others through events and shared groups or interests, with reasons varying from wanting something to do, making new friends, or expanding current social circles.

Research of Existing Competitors
(Direct and Indirect)

I looked to direct and indirect competitors who champion a sense of community. These ranged from event-based apps and platforms that focused solely on listing events, to added on features of existing apps that may not have been part of the original platform, yet still remain successful in connecting members today.

Companies included Meetup, Airbnb Experiences, Eventbrite, Facebook Events, Hey Vina, Bumble BFF, and The Leage Groups.


Bringing people together through events, shared groups and interests, and connected discussions.


With the inclusion of Events, members are now able to discover social activities within their neighborhood and city—giving them opportunities to meet and connect with other transplants and locals. Tailored suggestions help narrow focus, and tagged categories enable quick exploration and discovery. Including a way for members to also explore other events in cities outside their home further connects user with the larger member base and strengthens the communal aspect of Bungalow.


A big feature I wanted to add was the ability to message and participate in discussions with existing members. For each event page, users can respond and participate, encouraging community involvement—which leads to users directly messaging each other and even adding each other as a “friend” on the platform.


Groups enable users to connect with others who share common interests, further strengthening being part of a growing community. Members can connect organically here, and are not limited to existing events taking place.

Bungalow Community Extended.png

With these new features, Bungalow now has the offerings to connect users offline in meaningful ways.