Design + Artistry

Melissa works as a designer based in San Francisco. Currently, she’s improving product and design systems at ZapLabs—the innovation, technology, and big data hub for global real estate leader, Realogy Holdings Corp.

Multi-faceted, versatile, and equipped with a keen eye for design, Melissa continually hones her skills and develops her craft in order to deliver design solutions that create an impact, without sacrificing product efficiency and scalability.

Outside the office, you’ll find her wandering distracted during a run outside or experimenting with a new recipe and/or art project (why not both!). 


In a previous life, she was a fellow Stranger-for-hire, creating brands and award-winning packaging for companies such as Constellation Wines, Moët Hennessy, Proximo (Jose Cuervo, Hangar 1), Bacardi Limited (Grey Goose), Robert Mondavi, as well as Uniqlo, Fernet Branca, Red Bull, Sephora, and many others. 

When you’re with her, it will always be summer.